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Resource Center

Charitable Gift Planning Articles and Resources

Education and Training
  • National Conference on Philanthropic Planning - The largest and most comprehensive conference for charitable gift planners of all levels. Learn and network with the best in your field!
  • Online Library - A searchable library of articles from The Journal of Gift Planning and papers from the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning can be found in PPP's e-community. Click here for help in getting started in the e-community. Click here to go directly to the e-community.

  • Syllabus for Gift Planners - The Syllabus is a study guide for people involved in charitable gift planning. Its purpose is to identify areas of knowledge related to the acquisition and administration of planned gifts. Click here for more information.

  • GIFT-PL - GIFT-PL is an e-mail distribution list. The list is maintained by a program called a list server. The server does two things: it holds e-mail addresses of subscribers and then accepts messages and routes them to subscribers. There is no charge for subscribing to or using the list server, other than charges you ordinarily incur for access to the Internet. Click here for instructions on using GIFT-PL.

Ethics and Standards

Government Relations

  • CD Seminars - Build your planned giving education library with these low-cost, easy-to-share Partnership CD Seminars. Click here to order.

  • The Partnership Order Form - listing Partnership publications and products available for purchase.

  • National Conference on Philanthropic Planning Products - Excellent resource for those unable to attend the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning, or for those who want a lasting record of event for future reference. 

  • Donor Survey - Order a copy of the Partnership's research report, Planned Giving in the United States 2000: A Survey of Donors.

  • Gift Planner Profile - Survey of Partnership members that describes demographic characteristics of gift planners and identifies and tracks trends and developments in the profession.

Web Links
  • Member Business Directory - This directory lists companies providing gift planning products and services. 

  • Related Sites - Links to related sites of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.


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