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The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, in furtherance of its mission, gratefully accepts donations from members and supporters. With the help of these generous donations, the Partnership is able to sustain its high-quality educational programming and other special programs that serve members. The Partnership is a registered 501(c)3 exempt organization. Click here for a pledge form .

Your charitable contribution to PPP can be directed in any of the following ways:
  • Unrestricted (including ongoing special projects): As you know from your own experience, these are the most helpful gifts. By providing funds for special projects your gift helps the Partnership respond to immediate needs like those outlined above.
  • Designated gifts: You may designate your gift to any area of PPPs programs, such as government relations, research, or education.
  • Planned Giving Today's Operations Endowment: Through a generous gift from Planned Giving Today and its first publisher, G. Roger Schoenhals, PPP is building an endowment for future operations. The rapid expansion of the gift planning profession makes it difficult to predict how our members needs may develop. Your PGT endowment gift will help PPP move confidently into the future.
  • Palisca Keitel Leadership Endowment: This endowment, created by former board member Elizabeth Keitel, provides funds to help train and support the PPP leaders of today and the future.


2012 Donor Appreciation List

Corporate Sponsors
  • Your contribution is appreciated

Charles Johnson Fellows ($1000+)
  • Jonathan Ackerman
  • Melanie Schnoll Begun
  • Jill Dodd
  • Julie Heggeness
  • Michael Kateman
  • Christopher Kelly
  • Michael Kenyon
  • Jeffrey Lydenberg
  • Melanie Norton
  • Greg Sharkey
  • Jay Steenhuysen
  • Larry Stelter
  • Robert Wahlers

Beardsley Ruml Society ($500-$999)
  • Steven Clark
  • Laura Hansen Dean
  • Joseph Hancock
  • Sharon Hogan Kloss
  • Scott Janney
  • Andrea Latchem
  • Thomas P. Lockerby
  • Timothy Prosser
  • Northwest Planned Giving Roundtable

Sponsors ($250-$499)
  • Reynolds Cafferata
  • Wendy Chou
  • Pamela Davidson
  • Todd Mekelburg
  • Mid-America Planned Giving Council

Patrons ($100-$249)

Friends ($1-$99)
  • Jacqueline Franey
  • James Glisson
  • Suzan Greenup
  • Charles Gordy
  • Jane Lampo
  • Thomas Moore
  • Heather Narvaez

Gifts In Honor Of
  • Mindy R. Aleman (Planned Giving Group of Indiana)
  • Jill Dodd (The Ann and Peter Barden Philanthropic Fund)
  • Shari Fox (National Capital Gift Planning Council)
  • Julie Heggeness (Nebraska Partnership for Philanthropic Planning)
  • Julie Heggeness (Northwest planned Giving Roundtable)
  • Terri Lynn Helge (Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Lone Star Council)
  • Allan Howeth and Rob Gutierrez (Partnership for philanthropic Planning Lone Star Council)
  • Scott Janney (Gift Planning Council of New Jersey)
  • Scott Janney (Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Greater Philadelphia)
  • Scott Janney (Planned Giving Group of Indiana)
  • Tanya Howe Johnson (Russell Howes)
  • Michael Kateman (Alabama Planned Giving Council)
  • Michael Kateman (Philanthropic Planning Group of New York)
  • Thomas Lockerby (Planned Giving Group of New England)
  • Jeffrey Lydenberg (Planned Giving Group of New England)
  • Richard Meisterling (Kelly Allen)
  • Viken Mikaelian (Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Lone Star Council)
  • Ramsey Slugg (Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Lone Star Council)
  • Jay Steenhuysen (Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Rhode Island)
  • Lilya Wagner (Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Lone Star Council)
  • Palisca Keitel Leadership Endowment
  • Planned Giving Today's Operations Endowment

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